The first school building for Boggo School was built on the grounds now home to our Junior school on the corner of School and Park roads. On the evening of 2February 1871, the school was officially opened, and on Monday the 6th of February the school opened its doors to students under the principal Thomas Edward Parr Smith. In March of 1886 the name was changed from Boggo School to Yeronga State School and in 1927 the first 3 wooden buildings were constructed on the grounds of our upper school grounds at 122 Park Road (D, E and B blocks). The wooden buildings mostly featured 4 classrooms, wide chamfer boards externally, toungue-in-groove boards internally, timber floors, long verandahs down one side, high ceilings, louvred or push-out casement windows with ornate latches and there were French style double entry doors. Over the years various renovations included hallways being built in, classrooms sizes being changed, stairway awnings created, covered walkways between some blocks, sinks being added, and flooring including lino and carpeting. From the humble beginnings of sunlit classrooms with blackboards and fixed timbers desks and seats, we now have fluorescent lights, fans, air-conditioning, and flexible furniture. Instead of chalk and dusters, slates and pencils, we have whiteboards with data projectors, iPads and laptops.