This vital service provided under the umbrella of the P & C has operated under F block for at least 40 years. Providing easy access to the correct uniform has taken much time and effort by volunteers and also paid employees over the years. Throughout the history of Yeronga, the uniform has undergone many changes. From humble beginning of daily clothes from home, through to navy box pleat pinafores and finally to shorts and sun-safe checked shirts, the girls’ uniform has seen so many changes. The boys’ uniform, once decided upon in the 1950s, stayed as navy shirt with yellow piping and grey shorts. Sports uniforms for all students are ‘House’ shirts in navy with accents of house colours along with house colour collars and these are worn on Tuesdays and Fridays. The formal uniform is worn on the other days. There are also senior shirts for those in the last year of primary school. This idea was introduced around the year 2000 for year 7s and now our seniors are in Year 6.