Fete News #3

Download to see the latest fete news with details of:

  • Class Stalls
  • Class Performance Schedule
  • Rides
  • Principal’s Art Archive
  • Junior Canvases
  • The Fete Raffle
  • plus more

At the time of writing this post, we are fresh with the news of coming out of a three day snap lockdown in an attempt to control a recent small outbreak of Covid community transmissions in the Greater Brisbane area.

Seems we are pretty good at collectively following directions in order to keep Covid at bay. Well done Brisbane!

This is also a timely reminder of just how quickly things can change. With regards to the fete, we will treat Covid like the weather! We will keep on planning for blue skies and if things change, we will act accordingly in response to the situation at hand.

Wit that said, we wish everyone a lovely Easter break and hope you can enjoy your plans as you had planned! See you in term 2 🙂

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