Celebration Update – October 2020

School Song is on the top of the charts!

Foundation Day Assembly…
The plans for Foundation Day Assembly are nearly all complete. Unfortunately to be Covidsafe, and as our school hall is so small, we can only have in attendance a small number of invited guests and our year 5 and 6 students. We are planning on live-streaming the event to other classrooms, and recording it for future use.

The School Song composed for the centenary celebrations by Yeronga teachers, Harry
Brewer and Ray Thomasson, has been resurrected this year, as our students have been practicing it ready for next year’s celebrations. The Senior Choir will be leading the singing at Foundation Day Assembly.

Do you remember how it goes?

This is the tale that should be told
Of a school that is a century old.
Rich is its name in blue and gold,
Yeronga’s the school for us!

No matter the task that must be done
We’ll seek no rest till the goal be won.
‘Service before Self’ by everyone,
Yeronga’s the school for us!

If we say these words at least once a day,
The harder we’ll strive at work or play.
What are the words that we should say?
Yeronga’s the school for us!

Whether we win or whether we lose,
It’s how we play and the rules we use.
Which is the school we’ll always choose?
Yeronga’s the school for us!

As we prepare for the years ahead,
To think for ourselves and not be led.
We can only repeat what we have said, –
Yeronga’s the school for us!

So if to ourselves we would be true.
Proud of our name and our school’s name too –
Yeronga’s the place for me and you!
Yeronga’s the school for us!

Words by Harry Brewer, July 14 1972
Music by Ray Thomasson

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony…

Another change to our plans to be Covid-safe is that we are now “cutting the ribbon” rather than “cutting a cake”. We have invited our most senior member of the Alumni, Mr Len Ipson to join with our youngest prep student (yet to be identified), to cut ribbons between the front gate at our historical entry on Park Road signifying the beginning of our special sesquicentennial year. If you have any floristry ribbon experience, and could help prepare a ribbon bouquet, please contact me – jbenn293@eq.edu.au

Yours in Celebration, Jennifer Bennett
Community Relations Officer | Yeronga 150 Committee

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