Celebration Update June 2021

School Fete Connection and Celebration…

It was so exciting that our fete on Saturday 22nd May was able to go ahead given potential Covid-19 shut-downs, and then be a beautiful, sunny and special day for our school. It was great to see so many of our Alumni come and gather at our 150th Anniversary stall. We had quite a large space under F Block displaying some of our memorabilia, allowing alumni to meet and chat.

Many more donations for our School Archives were received from visiting Alumni. Laurel had previously donated her report cards from the late 1930s and early 1940s and dropped in to visit. She brought in a photo of herself with other YSS students known collectively as the “Waverly Street Gang”. Thank you Laurel for your donations!

150th Anniversary Commemorative Book

We are so proud of the collective production effort of our new book of Yeronga Yarns. It is a colourful edition of the history of our school with fun facts and recollections of the past and present memories contributing to 150 years of education and community. The book is filled with 188 pages of colourful photos and stories, making a wonderful keepsake for all students, parents, staff and volunteers of Yeronga State School. Make sure you secure your copy before the limited edition runs out.

Follow the links on our 150th Anniversary website https://yss150shop.square.site/ to shop for some souvenirs. You can visit the school uniform shop and pick up your order postage free: Uniform Shop opening hours are Monday 8:30-9:30am and Thursday 2:30-3:30pm.

For a more extensive history of the school, you can also purchase the 125th Anniversary Book “Leaving Footprints, Making Pathways” for $10 when you visit the School Uniform Shop. Alternatively, books and souvenirs will be made available at the next alumni event on Saturday 11th September.

Alumni Rollcall & Bushdance – Saturday 11th September

Keep Saturday 11th September free to gather at the old brick “Infants” building and take a walking tour of the school, followed by a BBQ and Bushdance later that day. More details of this wonderful event will be published in the next edition of this newsletter, although approximate times for meeting are:
10am past students in their 80s and 90s
10:30am past students in their 70s
12pm past students in their 60s
1pm past students in their 50s
2pm past students in their 40s
3pm past students in their 30s
4pm past students in their 20s and teens

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