Celebration Update – September 2020

We’re on the hunt for some of our famous and interesting Alumni!

As we’ve been researching and getting ready for next year’s celebrations, we’ve discovered some very special Alumni who have gone on to have interesting lives and careers. We have plans to share the stories of our past students next year, and will invite some of them to be special guests at our events. The alumni that we are looking for include:

• Those that are serving or have served in the Australian Armed Forces
• Our oldest living alumni (currently we know of a 92 year old)
• School Captains from the 100th or 125th Anniversary Years
• Those who have led an illustrious life

If you know of any interesting alumni, please make sure that we have not missed them in our research. Email me at jbenn293@eq.edu.au

Covid-19 Safe…

Planning for next year’s events began prior to the global pandemic, and we continued
planning towards those desired events in the hope that restrictions would ease. As we now know that we are in for a long journey through this difficult season, the committee is revisiting some of our event planning to ensure that we follow government requirements.

Decisions on our larger events (i.e. School Fete), are yet to be finalised given social distancing requirements. Let’s hope that we can still celebrate in style even if it looks a bit different to initial plans.

Yours in Celebration, Jennifer Bennett
Community Relations Officer | Yeronga 150 Committee

2 thoughts on “Celebration Update – September 2020”

  1. Hello
    This 150th will be a great event and looking forward to it
    If of interest, I was school captain in 1977 and played in rugby league metropolitan final at Lang park which we won 3-0 under coach mcnulty
    I went on to play soccer for senior Queensland 23 times and captain for 2 years, and played national league for brisbane United and brisbane strikers
    Let me know if of interest and can send you few photos and words to share
    Stein grodum

    1. Thanks Stein! Wonderful to hear from you. We would absolutely love to chat with you more. Your details will be passed to the Carla Walker.

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