Previous Principals at the tree planting ceremony for the 125th Anniversary

Yeronga State School has been an institution for life learning, education and experience for many who have passed through its campus. Students, past and present, are invited to join the alumni database.

The school would like to keep in contact with people who have had an affiliation with the school and learn of the journeys and successes and stories of our Alumni. In turn, in joining the Alumni, you can keep informed of any special milestones or events happening at the school which may be of interest.

It’s so fascinating to learn that we have quite a few multi-generations of families who are local to the area and who have attended the school, and in turn are now sending their own kids to the school.

Along with our archives, we are documenting and preserving the history of the school and some of the wonderful stories that previous students and staff have captured in their memories and keepsakes over the years.

We look forward to sharing some of these precious moments in time with Alumni.

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